Dear Rhonda,

My boyfriend has transgender friends on his profile. I was wondering if he wants to be with one again?


Dear Elaine,

I get so many questions like this in various guises, but want to take the time to answer this one, short and sweet.

Firstly, I am not omniscient. I have no idea what your boyfriend wants. Only your boyfriend can tell you that. You might also ask yourself why you are worried or feeling insecure.

What your question indicates to me is you need to talk more!

Does having friends on a profile indicate a sexual interest or platonic connection? If your boyfriend has a sexual interest or fantasy outside your relationship, what does that mean? For you, for him? These are questions I can’t answer, but might be topics you can discuss to gain some insight.

Some tips for having these types of conversations:

  1. Leave your judgement at the door — the objective is to understand one another better.
  2. Don’t expect more from your partner than you would from yourself.
  3. Respect your partner’s point of view, which may be different from yours.
  4. You do not have to agree with your partner’s point of view to understand it.

Happy getting to know one another better!


Rhonda xx

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