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We want content that keeps readers coming back for more

We credit all contributors and feature links to your website or social media. Author bios are featured on our Who Are We page.  Contributors may reproduce published material, provided you credit Perks Magazine in any subsequent publication (i.e. ‘this piece first appeared in…‘ and include a link back to our site.

Pitches should include a working title and a brief outline of your intended article or post suggestion.


Stories and Artwork

Articles fall under the following broad categories:

All Things Kink

Explores kink, fetishes and BDSM, including how to play safely, the role of the professional Dominatrix, dating on the scene, kink inside a relationship and out.

Porn Positive

Investigates different types of pornography and examines the positive and negative issues surrounding its use.


Covers communication and boundaries, jealousy, different relationship styles, including monogamy and non-monogamy


Looks at casual sex, sex in long-term relationships, sex in open and closed relationships, swinging, desire and libido, talking sex and addressing sex-negativity.


Examines sexual identity, issues surrounding gender, the personal and political in modern sexuality.

Single Life

Surviving loneliness and the social pressure to be coupled-up, finding yourself after a relationship, getting what you need out of dating and play partners.

Your Stories

Send us your opinion pieces, reviews, satire, and personal reflections. Suggestions for new categories and columns are welcome, so if you have an idea, pitch away!


Submitted artwork must be original and can be used to tell its own story or to accompany published articles.


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