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Rhonda Perky


Writer, dancer, clinical hypnotherapist and sexologist.
Explores sex, sexuality, relationships, and little bits of life.

Carl Skase

The Web Guy

Lover — of lap dances. Appearing in various magazines and railway advertisements, sometimes both at the same time. Has been known to wear pants, in public and in the privacy of those close to his heart.

Neil Fahey


Bearded man. Hiking enthusiast. Non-hipster Melbournian. Mayonnaise lover. Freelance writer, sub-editor, and online comm’s guy. All round awesome person.


Graphic Designer

Melbourne-based graphic designer. Lover of cheese, wine, language and life.


Clarissa-Jan Lim

Raised in Kuala Lumpur, based in New York. Clarissa-Jan loves beer, sunlight, politics, writing, and the Oxford Comma. 

Jaime Racette


Pacsac is a kick-ass solo Mom who drinks way too much caffeine and generally hates people. She is allergic to BS, hates being photographed and talking about herself in the third person. Set in her ways and rough around the edges.

David (Pinke Grapefruit)

English writer. Aspiring erotic novelist. Flash fiction author. Masochist.

Sarah Rowe

Sociology student fascinated by issues of gender, sexuality and identity. Can often be found furiously typing at her laptop with a cup of tea in hand.

Lori Dwyer

Reformed perfectionist. Former clown, social worker and superhero. Easily pleased. Book worm. Tea drinker. Blogger, freelance writer, social media addict.

Lady Chatterley

Writer of life, sex, love and relationships. The real, the raw and the raunchy. Voyeur. Fascinated by all things erotic. With a touch of class.

Tessa Froosh

Twitter hideaway and polyamorous something. Lover of all things crafty including detectives. Married but never owned except maybe by her large book collection. Always remembered for her baking, rarely her breasts.

Mistress Heather

Mistress Heather is a reclusive who doesn’t like writing bios. She lives in Melbourne with her partner where they enjoy common hobbies like hipster bashing, extreme bondage and cat archery. Although she has a degree in writing she has not ventured into the public arena…until now.

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