Dear Rhonda,
I want to know how to make a girl cum?

Dear Peter,

The thing about sex and making sex work is that is every body is different. Your best bet is to create an atmosphere where a girl feels comfortable and confident enough with you that she can show you what she likes and what works for her. Don’t be afraid to ask her to touch herself. You can watch and learn what sensations she likes, the amount of pressure, which angles, and so on. She may only get off using a vibrator, in which case, bring the vibrator into your sex play. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume she will get off from penetrative sex alone. Many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Talk to her without putting pressure on her. Let her know that her pleasure is important to you and be patient if it takes a while to get there. Masturbating in front of someone else or with someone else can be daunting. Give her the space to try things out without making her feel like a failure if she doesn’t cum right away, and don’t feel as though you’re a failure either. A good lover is one who is considerate of their partner’s pleasure, but who takes responsibility for their own pleasure, too, and in that sense, a woman has as much responsibility to make sure she gets off as her partner.


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