A Perky style sheet

Magazine title

Acceptable forms of magazine title:

‘PerKs Magazine’

‘perKs magazine’



Australian (or UK) English, not US English, including: ‘-ise’ and ‘-our’, e.g. ‘polyamoury’, not ‘polyamory’


Use minimal capitalisation, including in headings

Commas — serial or ‘oxford’ commas should be used only to avoid ambiguity

Single space between sentences

Hyphens — use single word when possible, use to join words when used as adjectives, e.g. online not on-linesuper-perky perks not super perky perks

Em dashes — use a single space on either side, e.g.  ‘ — ‘ (I find it easier to read onscreen)


For list items, be consistent in your punctuation and usage

If the list contains multiple sentences in an item, use sentence punctuation throughout; otherwise keep end-of-item punctuation to a minimum


Single quotation marks

For external quotes, use blockquotes


Avoid making unsubstantiated claims, unless giving your opinion or making an observation

Link to references where appropriate

Follow quotes with ‘–‘ and the reference details (e.g. author, title) and link as appropriate


All links should open in a new window

Section breaks

For longer articles with section breaks, use *** (centred) to divide each section (see https://perksmag.com/relationships/to-the-exclusion-of-all-others/ as an example)

Ask Rhonda

Use the wp-caption Style for questions, answers in normal paragraph style


Include a source for any images where available including a link. Do not include images that are subject to copyright (photopin.com is a good source of Creative Commons images)

‘Featured image’ should include a cropped version of the image that is 770 x 420

Bio pics are 200 x 200 and use img class=”avatar-l