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Perks Magazine: an update from the editor

It’s been a while since I wrote an update on all my Perky undertakings. In that time, Perks Magazine has featured a glut of posts on Kink and BDSM, including an interview with Kat Johnson on her Bunnies Unbound Project and Clarissa Jan Lim’s three part series on feminism and BDSM. I dipped my toe into the world of tantric massage, interviewed a sex coach, reflected on the ways we communicate during conflict situations, threesomes and moresomes, got ranty about the impact of social scripts on finding a suitable mate and how sex-negativity pervades our every day, feministed on the impacts of judging women for their sexual value, answered your questions on love, lust, and open relationships, and much more.

You can also read my piece on Vaginismus in Archer Magazine, on what it’s like when your partner has a crush in Tell Me Darling, and my answers to Tell Me Darling’s questions on surviving an open relationship.

How can I make a girl cum?

Coming up

Over the next little while you can expect some expert advice on choosing sex toys, some rants about sex-negativity, more on maintaining libido, long-term relationships, and an exploration of some of the perks and pitfalls of dating and the single life.

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The soppy stuff

Lastly I want to thank my tireless team, interviewees, and amazing readers. Perks wouldn’t exist in its current form without my sub-editor, the wonderfully talented Neil Fahey, the sexy Carl Skase, who keeps the site up and running whenever I press a button I shouldn’t, and you, our wonderful readers, who make Perks a community, not just a magazine.

Stay tuned for more awesome!